Frequently asked questions

What is our return policy?

Unfortunately due to the fact that most of our products are custom made we are unable to return or refund products. We will send a mock-up where it is up to the client to read through and see if there are any spelling errors. Let us know and we will fix any changes. If an error occurs after we will address it then.

Where are we located

I am a stay at home mom running the business out of my home. I live in the country so my physical address is not given out. I am able to meet clients around the county. I also have Different Strokes in Olds as my drop off location. If you live out of the county I am more then happy to ship products out to you.

Why are some products more then others?

We are happy to make up custom designs for all of our customers. Because some designs take longer to produce we need to charge a bit more for our time. Also when a product is on our laser the time on the laser varies on material, size and how intrictae a design is. We are happy to offer quotes prior so there are no surprises. We do have a few products like stainless steel that requires a coating prior to engraving that doesn't come cheap.

What materials can we engrave on?

We can engrave on almost anything. I've engraved on wood, stainless steel, lamacoids, decals, glass, plastic, paper, slate, marble and many others. I have even engraved a bowling ball! We are unable to engrave on PVC pipe but other then that most items are engravable. Another item we say no to is crystal. The laser causes a reaction to the crystal that creates an almost firework effect on the material. There are odd cases where due to size or shape of an object we are unable to accomodate. If you have any concerns send us an email and we will happily let you know.

How long does a product take to engrave?

It depends entirely on if we have it in stock and if we have all the information. I have had some products I can get done and delivered by the next day. If it's a custom piece like a garden sign, a board game or grandparents sign it will take a bit more time. I try to get design mockups emailed out either the day of the order or in the next day or two and from there once you've chosen your design it's a few days. If we need to order in material such as plaques or lamacoids it takes at least three days for us to recieve the material. I usually try to have a job done as quickly and efficiently as possible to make you the customer as happy as possible.

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